What to Expect

  • Discover the Five Keys to freedom and be able to use them

  • Learn how to forgive from the heart

  • Renounce the enemy's lies

  • Listen to the Father's voice and receive His blessing

  • Be prepared for an Unbound ministry session

  • Receive a certificate of completion from Heart of the Father Ministries

  • Join an online community to interact with a diverse group of people

  • Find an Unbound ministry team and request a ministry session, if desired

Important Note: The content of this course is the same as that in the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Study Program (DVD and Workbook) and the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference.


“I had something in my heart for almost thirty years. It made me fearful, uncertain, and jealous. Now I am free.”

- Freedom in Christ participant

“I feel happier and more loved by God today than I have for many years.”

- Freedom in Christ participant

“I was under constant self-condemnation for past sins, and I felt worthless. Now I am free to bask in Jesus' love for me.”

- Freedom in Christ participant

“I have received freedom. I no longer feel unworthy and I know that I belong to God the Father.”

- Freedom in Christ participant

Course curriculum